Fundraise for Your Nonprofit with Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel? Raise funds for your nonprofit organization with a cruise or land vacation travel package.

Is your nonprofit struggling with fundraising?

If you’re the director or president of charitable organization, you know that raising funds is a priority. But how you do it will set you a part from others within your industry.

So why not offer donors a travel package, either a cruise or land vacation?

Many people love to travel. They enjoy creating lifelong memories with families and friends; some prefer solo travel so they can do and experience what they want.

Not only can a travel package help your nonprofit to raise funds, but it can generate more awareness for your organization and attract volunteers.

Keep reading to discover the top reasons why people donate, the secret to fundraising, and how raffling off a cruise vacation or another type of vacation can boost your nonprofits funds.

These are the top reasons why people donate to nonprofit organizations:

  • They know someone who asked them to give.
  • They felt emotionally moved by someone’s [or animal’s] story.
  • They want to feel they’re making a difference.
  • They were raised to give to nonprofits.
  • They want to feel connected to a specific groups.
  • They want to build their business and/or social network

The reasons why people give are not limited to the ones listed above. But keep in mind that people act on emotions and give from the heart.

Make sure your nonprofit gives people a reason to donate. They have to be invested in your organization’s story.

This includes giving them a great item to bid on at an auction or raffle prize.

A travel package could be what your nonprofit needs to raise more funds.

You could raise more than what you thought was possible.

Sound good? It sure does!

The secret to fundraising is that it’s not about asking for money.  Consider that:

  • You may have a great looking, user-friendly website. But if you haven’t shared your nonprofit’s story, how will people become invested in it to donate?
  • You may not have a clear and focused direction; therefore your fundraising efforts will return lackluster results.
  • You may not have developed and built relationships with your community so your nonprofit’s message won’t be heard

The above may sound counter-intuitive. But it’s true.

And if you keep asking for and worrying about money, you may have a ‘scarcity’ or lack mentality.

By focusing on lack, you attract more of what you don’t want. In the case of your nonprofit, it’s usually a lack of money, volunteers and other resources.

Why ask for money if people haven’t heard of your nonprofit?

Stop right now and give people a reason to become invested in your nonprofit.

Share your story!

Choose from many vacation options, from escorted coach tours to river cruises, and more.

I love helping nonprofits!
Let’s get started.

Let’s face it; if you’ve started a nonprofit or are the director of one, you know that fundraising is critical to the success of your organization. Your organization relies on donations from corporate sponsors and your community.

Instead of offering the same prizes each year, opt to give guests and donors an exciting prize like a travel package. Who doesn’t want to visit England? Or take a river cruise on the Danube River? Most people would love the chance to see and experience new cities and countries.

The best part is that you could raise $10,000, $25,000, or more for your nonprofit. Think about what your organization could do with that money. How many kids could you help? How many shelter animals could you save? How many people would have clean water?

Don’t you owe it to your nonprofit organization to raise as much funds as you can? Offering a travel package as a raffle will get you one step closer to reaching your fundraising goals. Click the button below and contact me today!